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Why Do You Want To Grow Your AdFeedz Team?

AdFeedz Compensation System with up to 90% instant commission is immensely attractive to all members; however, the highest benefits from it will reap those, who will build big teams.

In AdFeedz you can create your own teams by inviting new users via your personal link. Your AdFeedz Team network includes up to 10 levels of referrals with active profit contracts, which means you will get your portion of earnings from your friends’ purchases, their friends’ purchases and further on.

In addition, the number of referrals on each level is unlimited. By inviting just a few people, you can start something really, really BIG!

Here is an example of how big your team can get when you have 5 active referrals, and every one of those 5 has their 5, all the way to level 10.

Yes, I know, those numbers are staggering, but you know what, they are possible!

AdFeedz is surely here to stay, who knows how big your team can get in 1-3 years from now…

Nothing though will happen by itself, you need to put forward some extra effort to start your network.

You need to invite to AdFeedz other members and help those members to build their own teams.

And hey, sharing Adfeedz with your friends and other marketers are not hard.  Everyone online needs quality traffic; everyone needs to promote their sites or opportunities to others, and AdFeedz happens to have one of the best traffic there is. Yes, it has!!  All AdFeedz views are 24 hours unique, all ads are clicked by real, unique members.

In addition,  Adfeedz offers 1000 free advertising credits to test its advertising and gives $2.50 cash bonus for completing the steps leading to one’s full AdFeedz membership.

Last but definitely not least, you can feel good inviting to AdFeedz other members, you can feel like it is you who are doing them a favor and not the other way around.  AdFeedz is a great, legitimate, long term opportunity allowing one to successfully promote his/her own sites and earn some money in the process.  There are not many sites like that...

In truth, you both will win, the inviter and the invitee!  According to the TEAM acronym, ‘Together Everyone Achieve More’, you and your newly registered referral will both achieve more cause of his/her registration. He will gain a new, top place to share his links and an honest chance to earn money in the process, and you will gain a new member in your team with hopes that he too will build his network all the way to level 10th!!

Look again at this graphic, please

and start planning…

Reject the immediate reward; go for the delayed gratification!  Go for the big goal of having 1000 members in your team.

Can you just imagine your daily payout from it?  The payouts from the Team Pool are always the highest, for there are least contracts to divide the amount by.

(the below daily payments examples are taken from a member with only 54 members in her team)

Look, Mike on your level 5th purchases 2 Advertising Credit Packages, the cost is $145. The system sends 20% of that $145 to the Team Pool and counts all active contracts in your team up to 10 Levels.

If there are 40 active contracts and you own 3 contracts, you will get from that purchase $2.175

Active Contracts = 40   Define Amount/Contract = ($145*20%)/40 = $0.725 Your Portion $0.725x3=$2.175

How many daily payments like the one from Mike, could be daily added to your Team Pool if your team consists of 1000 members??

Smile looking at the big picture and knowing that with AdFeedz All Is Possible!  And... Happy Team Building!!