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Receive Cashback with AdFeedz Contacts.

Why Adfeedz is growing so fast and so many marketers are joining it?

Please carefully read this article and you will find the answer and learn about the most attractive and profitable AdFeedz feature, The Profit Contract.

Selling products or services on the internet requires traffic which is created through advertising. The money you spend on advertising gives you the traffic, but the moment you purchase it, all that money is gone.

AdFeedz unique, never seen before commission structure, was designed to solve that problem. We wanted to offer our members more, we wanted to give them a chance to get that money back and more.

For every advertising package purchased (the regular Ad Package and a Bundle one ) you will receive a Profit Contract.  That contract qualifies you to receive cash back on your advertising until you collect 120% from the amount you purchased.  There is not any time frame, the amount you get daily SOLELY DEPENDS ON THE AMOUNT OF THE DAILY SALES.

The only requirement to earn is to log into the site and collect your daily earnings from various pools by viewing an ad.

This is NOT any revenue share advertising!!  AdFeedz manages Daily Sales Commission and distributes that commission to each pool (Surf Pool, Team Pool, Group Pool, Global Pool), and you claim your portion of that commission for as long as it takes you to get 120% of the amount you purchased. 

On top of the Cashback part, we want to provide you with the Very Best Advertising Platform there is, this is why we keep on adding more and more advertising features.  (please read this article)

We truly care about the results you get from your advertising on AdFeedz, and this is the reason why we forbid registering and login through the incognito mode, have all members emails verified by, and do not accept VPN connections which could be missing the real geolocation. (All our members are Real Geo-Targeted with VPN Filter Powered By

So you see, this is why AdFeedz is growing so fast and so many marketers are joining it. They are getting NOT only Quality Traffic and Great Marketing Tools, they are also getting up to 120% Cashback on their Every Advertising Credits Purchase.

So, if you want to Land More Leads, Get More Sales and More Referrals, purchase our Advertising Package or a Package Bundle and SMILE, your money is NOT gone!!

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