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Earning With AdFeedz Team Pool

Your team pool consists of all the members from 10 levels down under you. You might have invited some of them personally, and others were invited by someone else under you. This pool has an unlimited width and it is10 level deep; And, is made of members with active profit contracts.

TEAM Structure.

The total daily earnings in this pool are accumulated from 20% of every purchase in your TEAM.  20% of every purchase is instantly sent to a Team Pool, and it is accumulated at the end of the day (00.00 Server Time).

How the system is distributing commission.


Mike Purchases 5 Advertising Credit Packages,  the cost $145

The system will send 20% of that $145 to the Team Pool (meaning $29) and count all active contracts up to 10 Level. You can see the scenario graphic above. The system will count only those who hold an active contract(s).

Active Contracts = 26 in your team for this purchase
Define Amount of Earning per Contract = $29/26 = $1.115

After Mark’s transaction is completed and for every purchase in your entire team after it, the system will automatically distribute the calculated portion of the commission to members’ Team Pools and accumulate it at the end of the day.

You have 24 hours to claim your commission for the previous day by clicking the green Claim Now pretty button. 

The team pool design makes possible for one to work towards setting himself/herself financially free.  The 10 level down structure is immensely powerful.  Please look at that picture below, this is an example of how big your team can get if everyone in your 10 levels sponsors 5 new members.

If you start building your team now, later on, it will take a life of its own, and it will keep on growing and growing.

And with the commission from the Team Pool, it will be much faster for you to fill your Profit Contract and keep on purchasing more contracts from your balance and start making a considerable amount of money daily.

Please look at our example again and imagine if you have 1000 team members or even more than that…
and just 1% of those members make a purchase every day.  Your earnings would never stall down, the commission from the team pool will keep on fulfilling your contracts very fast.

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Thank you for reading.