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Earning With AdFeedz Surf Pool.

AdFeedz is designed to where everyone can earn money from the system by participating and exchanging traffic with other people.

Every time you surf a website, you earn 1 credit that be exchanged for traffic with the other AdFeedz’s members, and for every 25 websites you surf, you will earn 1 Surf Point that gives you your portion of earnings from the Surf Pool Commission. 

The total daily earnings in this pool are accumulated from 10% of every purchase in your GROUP and the possible 50% left over amount from cash links. 10% of every purchase is instantly sent to a Surf Pool, and it is accumulated at the end of the day (00.00 Server Time).

In order to increase the value of the Daily Surf Point, and to maintain advertising quality, we have put a limit on the Max Surf Points Earned Daily.

  1. if you have 0 Contract --> 2 Points
  2. if you have 0.25 Contract --> 3 Points
  3. if you have 0.5 Contract --> 4 Points
  4. if you have 0.75 Contract --> 5 Points
  5. if you have 1 Contract --> No Limit Points

You may surf for as many credits as you wish, this has not changed. Please remember that all Pools are always based on Daily Sales. These changes will benefit everyone, it should mean less surfing for more money.


Total Points in the Surf Pool from your Group: 200 Points
You have: 2 Points
The Total Amount in the Surf Pool is $100

Define Amount per a Point = $100/200 = $0.5

You will get paid from the Surf Pool = 2x$0.5 = $1 For That Day.

** No Need to have an Active Contract