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Earning With AdFeedz Group Pool

The group is created within the system, with a Group Manager Position placed at the top. Every group has all group teams inside, it is Unlimited Wide and Unlimited Deep.

Group Structure

As you already aware, the Group Team has all group teams inside it, so you do not need any team or any referrals to earn from it.  You do need an active Profit Contract, which comes with every purchase of our Advertising Credits Package.

The total daily earnings in this pool are accumulated with 25% of all purchases in your GROUP.  So to clarify, 25% of every purchase is instantly sent to the Group Pool, and it is then accumulated by the end of the day (00.00 Server Time).


When someone purchases an advertising package in your group, the system will determine the number of contracts in your group.

Total Active Contracts in your Group: 500 Active Contracts (they are counted from all active contracts with unlimited width & depth in your group).

You have: 10 Active Contracts

The Total Amount in the Group Pool from yesterday is $749
Define Amount per an Active Contract  = $749/500= $1.498
You will get paid from the Group Pool = 10x$1.498 = $14.98 For That Day.

The Group Pool is designed to help all members who purchase an advertising package, it allows them to earn from their Group Pool without having referrals or team members of their own.

There are no worries or concerns about purchasing advertising packages from AdFeedz. You will receive high-quality traffic to your business, and you also will have the ability to earn cash back from your Group Pool.

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