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How to Make Money From AdFeedz Cash Links.

What are Cash Links?

Cash Links are cash rewards from Advertisers who need a rush of traffic to boost their Alexa Rank, and/or to bring a large number of people to any of their promotions as quickly as possible.  Cash Links are ideal to announce New Program launches, announce any special events and happenings, and of course to boost site's Alexa Rankings.

How can I earn money from Cash Links?

Every time you click on a Cash Link ad, that website will display in a frame for 10 - 30 seconds. (The exact time depends on the ad type and value assigned.) When you complete watching the site and verify the Captcha, you will earn 100% of the ad value. Your Cash Links earnings will show first as “pending cash” on your dashboard. After the server time reset, all of your pending balance will be transferred to your main balance.

Where can I access Cash Links?

At the top Menu, you will see a drop-down menu “Earn Rewards”/“Cash Links”.  Click on it and access the list of available cash links with separate values depending on the length of the ad.

How much value I can earn from Cash Links?

  1. Personal Click will give you 100% of the value
  2. Your Referral Click will give you:
    1. if you have an Active Contract, you will earn for your referral’s click 100% of the value
    2. if you did not have an Active Contract, you will earn from your referral’s click 50% of the value

Where does the remaining 50% from 2.2 go?

AdFeedz is not making any profit from CashLinks. If there is a remaining 50%, it goes to the Surf Pool of a member who has clicked that same ad unit, in this way one earns money from that click in the Surf Pool as well.

Grow Your Team To Earn More and More.  We have 10 different ways to earn in AdFeedz and having a strong team will increase all your earnings significantly.