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Important Features and System update!
2019-01-05 at 18:33

AdFeedz was started just over a month ago, and we now have over 15K quality members, all real people, with no fake, or multiple accounts. We have delivered well over 7 million hits to their websites. AdFeedz Global Alexa Rank is now at 23,815 - Outstanding!

We have given out over 15 Million Free Advertising Credits for members to try our platform, have paid in over $37,000 to members' account balances from our $2.5 cash sign up bonuses, and already paid out over $11,000 to the payment processor of their choice.

These are real, easily verified stats as a proof for the effectiveness of our advertising, popularity, and of our unique compensation system.

Please notice that AdFeedz manages PURE INSTANT COMMISSION and Divides That Commission Fairly to All Active Site Members. Our Compensation Plan is PERFECT!! AdFeedz can't ever go into the debt! You can't ever hurt anyone or go wrong by inviting them to become a part of your team!

Today, we want to let you know about the further improvements that we have made in our system to increase the performance and the effectiveness of your Advertising; let's see the positive changes in AdFeedz's Advertising Credits Ratio and in Profit Contract Packages.

First of all, we have increased the number of advertising credits by 33% in our Profit Contract packages. Where you previously got 20,000 - now you will get 30,000! This is without any special Holiday pricing. ;-)

WEB IN A FRAME - Positively changed the Surfing / Credit Ratio from 5:1 to 2:1

Before you got 4000 visitors per a full credit package, now you get 7,500 visitors! This costs 4 Credits per Visitor - The Most Cost Effective Traffic Exchange there is! 7500 visitors per a package and the Surfer earn 2 credits for viewing a page in a frame.

WEB IN A NEW TAB - Positively changed the Surfing / Credit Ratio from 7:2 to 2:1

This costs 6 Credits per Visitor and you get 5000 visitors per a full package. And the Surfer still earns 3 credits per viewing a page in a new tab. This is top notch advertising for Youtube, Amazon, anything and everything!

TEXT OFFER - HUGE Positive Changes with the cost of credits for the Text Offer.

The same as above 2:1 Ratio!  It takes 20 Credits per Visitor and you get 1500 visitors per a full package.  The Surfer earns 10 credits per viewing a Text Offer and yep, our Text Offers are cheaper than most solo ads mailings and often better converting too...

BANNER ADS - The cost remains the same, 100 Credits per Visitor

Positive change - we have increased the ad space available for showing your banners!  They are rotating now in the Member's Area and in the Forum. Don’t forget, you get unlimited banner impressions, unlimited banner displays; we only deduct 100 advertising credits when you get a click from an interested visitor.

LOGIN AD - Your ad will show once a day per visitor, and you will be only charged 20 Credits for it.

These must be the most cost-effective Login Ads on the Web!!

The full advertising package will give you 1500 full page login ads views - WOW!

And, please listen to this;

In addition to getting more for your advertising credits, you are also getting More Days to Earn with your credits purchase.  We have extended by 10 days the length of every Profit Contract.  Every Profit Contract stays active now for 60 Days, or until it reaches the max 120% cashback cap (all your current active contracts have been extended to 60 days too!).

Surf Pool Update.

The Surf Point value went up! We have changed the number of the surfed sites required for a Surf Point from 10 to 25. You will need now to surf more to earn a point, but that point should be worth more.

Even More Good News!

Our Page Builder is ready and easy to use! It has a live preview and the page auto-updates; you can create your personal pages, your own unique splash pages and/or landing pages. The Page Builder has Google Fonts, it is Photo and Video Supported and... It does not cost you a penny, absolutely free for one page! If you want more pages simply add Profit Contracts to your account. The more Profit Contracts you have, the more Pages you can create and host with us.

Last but not least, please remember to join our forum and share with others your thoughts and ideas! You are allowed a personal signature with links added to the end of your messages. (Hint, Hint, use your Page Builder pages for your signature links and you can use your Url Rotator too!)

Our forum is brand new; there are not many message threads yet. If you start posting there now, you will definitely get noticed and make many new friends and connections.

Fully dedicated to your success Ori with the AdFeedz Management Team.

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