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Win Jackpot on AdFeedz Over & Over Again

We are happy to introduce in AdFeedz a Unique and Powerful Perpetual Digital Reward System using COINS and COIN BUCKET to collect those coins. When you collect 100 Coins, You Win a Jackpot!


Coin Bucket is a bucket you need in order to start collecting your Coins. To get the bucket you Need First to purchase any Bundle Package. It is necessary to have a bucket to be able to start collecting your Coins.

Basically, the bucket works exactly like the cards in coffee shops or various other shops,  where you collect stamps on it to get your coffee or a product for free. For example, they tell you to collect 10 stamps and you get 1 product for free.


  1. Increase the Number of Sales, Grow The Value of Each Pool Earning: Surf Pool, Team Pool, Group Pool, and Global Pool.
  2. Get Many More Advertising Credits.
  3. Get Many More Chance Tickets, Use them as a Game and Challenge or as a Reward for Your Newly Registered or Active Referrals.
  4. Get Free Vacation Cards to use in case you want to rest or go for a holiday; No worry about Daily Claiming System, It will automatically claim for you.
  5. Get a Jackpot -  $34.80 Cash + 1 Full Bundle Package When You Collect 100 Coins.
  6. Increase the Speed to fill up your Contract Profits with Coins Jackpot Reward.


In order to start collecting coins, you need a coin bucket that you are getting with any Bundle package.

When you first time of purchase on any Bundle Package, you will get your New Bucket. Full Bundle comes with 10 Coins included in the bucket and you can start collecting coins in your bucket by purchasing more Bundle Packages directly or when your referrals purchase Bundle Packages.

⇒  When you purchase 1 Full Bundle Package, you automatically get 10 Coins in your bucket ( Half Bundle Package gives 5 coins)

⇒ When your direct referral purchase 1 Full Bundle Package you automatically get 20 Coins in your bucket ( when he purchase Half Bundle package - you get 10 coins)

Here in our case, the card is the bucket and the stamps are the coins, when you collect 100 Coins in your bucket - You Hit THE JACKPOT:

Jackpot = $34.80 Cash* to fill your active contracts + 1 Full Bundle Package 

Each time you collect 100 Coins, You Win a Jackpot & You Can Win OVER and Over again and lifetime.

How to Receive Coins in my Coin Bucket?

Again, remember that you need a bucket to collect Coins. The bucket is included in any Bundle Package you purchase.

For Full Bundle Package

1. When you purchase 1 Full Bundle Package you collect 10 Coins
2. When your referral purchase 1 Full Bundle Package you collect 20 Coins

For Half Bundle Package

3. When you purchase Half Bundle Package you collect 5 Coins
4. When your referral purchase Half Bundle Package you collect 10 Coins

Purchase Bundle Package is worth more than Normal Package because you will receive more options and receive Coins

Full Bundle Package.
1. 0.5 Active Contract with 20000 Credits
2. 20000 Extra Credits
3. 1000 Alexa Booster Links
4. 1000 Flip Chance Ticket
5. 10 Coins
6. 2 Vacation Cards
7. 1 Bucket
Pricing: $39.00
Half Bundle Package.
1. 0.25 Active Contract with 10000 Credits
2. 10000 Extra Credits
3. 500 Alexa Booster Links
4. 500 Flip Chance Ticket
5. 5 Coins
6. 1 Vacation Cards
7. 1 Bucket
Pricing: $19.50 

*** Not include any promotions


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