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Secure Your AdFeedz Account.

First, please click on the arrow located behind your username on the top right side of your dashboard.

Then click on the 'Account Security' tab:

Proceed to set up your PIN number by inserting a 6 digit number (0-9), confirming that number by entering it again, and clicking on 'Save Change'.

You will get the 'Are You Sure' Pop-up: Click on Yes and proceed to the Question and Answer.

Set up your own Personal Security Question and Answer

The question and answer are set up for you to be able to reset your transaction PIN in case you forget it.

Please choose something simple and unique for you, for example, 'mom's name' or 'my dog' or 'my street'. The system will remember the question, and you will have to answer it correctly, or you will NOT BE ABLE To Reset Your PIN.

Now, your account is looking perfect!

In case you forget your Transaction PIN. It is not a big deal. Just Click Forgot link.

Insert your answer following the question that you have already set up in the last step.

After you insert your correct answer, you will be redirected to a Reset PIN page to set up your new Transaction PIN.

Well Done!!

If you forgot your personal question, please log in to your account and contact support.