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Information on AdFeedz’s Structure

Although we have all these various Earning Pools, the AdFeedz’s structure is not complicated at all. All the pools are related to each other, and all of them hold and calculate their own unique earnings. You will claim your daily earnings from each of these pools separately.

To understand all of the various earning possibilities on AdFeedz, you must first understand The Structure Of Adfeedz. 

What is an AdFeedz’s Team?

Your Team consists of members who are in your AdFeedz’s downline. In order to have this downline, you need to use your referral link. You can refer your friends and family, use it on social media sites, or advertise it on any other site you can think of. 

Your team is unlimited wide (there is not any limit on how many people you can personally refer to the site as your direct referrals) and 10 levels deep, meaning, it counts referrals down from you to the 10th level. All members earn from their direct referrals, but to earn from your entire 10 level downline you must own a Profit Contract.

What is an AdFeedz Group?

Each group has one leader at the top, this is the Group Manager. Underneath this Group Manager, multiple teams are joined together, creating one much larger team.

Smaller teams are joined together, and together they form a much larger group.

The group is always larger than a team, it is also unlimited wide and unlimited deep. You always belong to a group, and you do not need any team members or referrals be part. However, to claim your earnings portion from it, you need to have an active Profit Contract; meaning, you need to purchase an advertising package.

What is AdFeedz’s Global?

Everyone who is a member of AdFeedz is part of the global group, including all teams and downlines. In order to take part of the global earnings of AdFeedz, you must have an active profit contract. In this way, AdFeedz is fair to everyone, and everyone can take part.

It’s an extremely fair, uncomplicated, and smart structure which includes all members, those who sponsor and those who purchase.

Can you see the great potential of it?  Go and start building your teams, your groups, and a successful online future!