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AdFeedz Surf Rewards

AdFeedz is mainly about advertising, but it’s good to have fun and make money at the same time. People love the Flip Chance Challenge, so we decided to make it even better, add more Bonuses, and add Surprise Bonuses to regular Surfing too, we hope you like it.

You still earn credits and Surf Points from Surfing, this is a Bonus!

You can win every time you Surf, but it will depend on your luck.

Reward Amounts

  1. Surfing Surprise Bonus        $0.001 to $1
  2. Flip Game Surprise Bonus   $0.001 to $5

Now you can win two different bonuses in Flip Chance Game, Good Luck!

Every time when you surf Web in Frame, Web in New Tab and read offer, you can earn advertising credits and earn surf point at the same time and push forward to receive cash rewards.

Earn Free Advertising Credits and Win Rewards at the same time.